The blockchain will change the world, with or without you!

By: Yassine EL BAHLOULI, MBA, IT Eng,
Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS) – University of Regina
October 23, 2016.

Internet has changed the world. The blockchain, becoming a shared general register, revolutionizes the concept of trust.

Initially used only in support crypto-currency swaps, this technology is now the heart of platforms like Ethereum, that extend the use beyond pure monetary aspect.

In particular, the blockchain and the indelible character of its trade, at least in the medium term, help to build confidence for any exchange between two peers, without any intermediary.

Trusted authorities are now self: you are forced to trust a multitude of authorities, institutions or companies in which you do not necessarily have a trust absolute (Paypal, Google, Facebook, etc.).

Tomorrow, these trusted authorities will be replaceblockchain_31d by communities, supported by shared technological resources, proven and secure.

Innovative uses of blockchain just waiting to be discovered and developed. They must also be framed. Nothing like a new technology and a new software factory in the company to see the flaws multiply, especially in a world where all transactions are public.

The security integration processes must be adapted to this new technology that will lead to new development processes and operations.

But first, let’s break two myths:

– “You have great knowledge to use cryptographic technology. ” It’s wrong. The use of blockchain requires
learning languages and specific libraries and its functioning but cryptography is mainly involved in the procurement confidence between trade and this can be considered a predicate.

– “The blockchain, it’s not secure. Many attacks have succeeded! “This is also wrong. Most attacks are intermediaries who interact with blockchain, including market places (MT. Gox, Bitfinex, etc.).

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