Some Thoughts and findings on my weekly readings: Jan 24, 2017

The subject of IT Supported Policy analysis is broad and I want to share some thoughts and findings about the “Openness” Level of this concept.

Several organizations have published their interpretation of what open data means, such as the Open Data Institute, Open Knowledge network, and the Open Definition organization.

We can define OpenData / Open Governement by:

1. Data produced or commissioned by Government or Government controlled entities

2. Data which is open as defined in the Open Definition – that is, it can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone (

3. Data which is machine-readable by default The concept of “machine-readable” is important as it is a key component of how Government data needs to be formatted in order for it be published as “open data”.


It is also important to understand the goals of open data. Similar to the definition of open data, there is no single standard list of goals for open data, we will think about four key goals of Open Data / Governement:

1. Improve Governmental transparency and accountability

2. Help create a more efficient Government

3. Create a new data platform: “Government as a Platform”

4. Unleash the potential economic impact of Open Data

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