My weekly readings: is NPM dead or reincarnated as DEG?

Two interesting articles for my #JSGS859 Directed reading this week:

-Dunleavy, P., Margetts, H., Bastow, S., & Tinkler, J. (2006). New public management is dead—long live digital-era governance. Journal of public administration research and theory, 16(3), 467-494. link


-Longo, Justin, #Opendata: Digital-Era Governance Thoroughbred or New Public Management Trojan Horse? (March 31, 2011). Public Policy & Governance Review, 2(2), 38-52. link

One completes the other and one tries to answer the questions of the other concerning the tumultuous relation between the New Public Management (NPM) and the Digital-Era Governance (DEG).

Justin Longo describes the post NPM transition to DEG through the reintegration, needs based holism and digitization and focuses on the benefits of open Data while helping to develop third-party citizen services, creating knowledge and ensuring transparency and accountability. Otherwise, he highlighted the dilemma of the open Government / Data adoption by politicians in relation with neo conservatism wave and the inefficiency of NPM in different levels.

On the same way the authors of “New Public Management Is Dead: Long Live Digital-Era Governance”, underscore the complexity brought by NPM in many developed and industrial countries and the policy disasters it leads to.

Likewise the authors give the history of the emergence of DEG and it’s relation with its predecessor and describe the main tools, assets and frameworks used in different contexts and for different goals.

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