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There are a number of areas of interest when it comes to public policy. The way our country works depends a great deal on the laws and policies adopted by those in charge. Our system of government allows for public input, so, as a result, many do their best to share their ideas and influence the policymakers. The rise of Internet technology has made it possible for a number of people to share their thoughts on public policy. You don’t have to have a Masters in Public Policy to share your views on what should be happening in the world of government. Here are 50 public policy bloggers you can read to help you participate in the conversations:

General Politics

These bloggers offer great insight into issues of public policy in a number of areas. If something is being debated for the “public good”, these general politics bloggers are on top of it.

  1. Politico: The bloggers at offer insight into a number of public policy issues, as well as the latest news related to politicians.
  2. Daily Kos: Founded by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Daily Kos bloggers provide political news and public policy commentary from a liberal viewpoint.
  3. Matt Drudge: The Drudge Report offer political news and public policy from a conservative standpoint.
  4. Wonkette: Get an eyeful of D.C. gossip and political news and policy from the bloggers at Wonkette.
  5. Huffington Post: A variety of political bloggers share insights on public policy and news on the Huffington Post, one of the best policy blogs out there.
  6. Andrew Sullivan: Blogging at The Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan give his take on the political news of the day.
  7. AMERICAblog: Devoted to political news and policy debate, AMERICAblog bloggers try to keep our leaders on their toes.
  8. Michelle Malkin: High profile conservative blogger Michelle Malkin talks tough and shares definite insights into public policy decisions.

Environment and Energy

One of the hottest topics in public policy today is the environment. Energy is one of the issues linked to the subject of the environment. These great bloggers offer insight into the environment and energy policy.

  1. Legal Planet: The bloggers at Legal Planet are all involved at the law schools at Berkeley and UCLA. They focus on environmental law and public policy.
  2. Andrew C. Revkin: Revkin is the blogger behind Dot Earth, the environmental policy blog from The New York Times.
  3. Peter Bosshard: If you are interested in environmental public policy on a global scale, Peter Bosshard’s blog is the way to go.
  4. Ecology and Policy Blog: The bloggers at the Ecology and Policy Blog provide a British perspective to environmental issues.
  5. Energy Policy Information Center: The writers at the Energy Policy Information Center share news and commentary about what is happening in the world of energy policy.
  6. Roger Pielke, Jr.: This professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder offers commentary and insight on energy policy and environmental policy on Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog.
  7. Matthew E. Kahn: As an economics professor, Kahn addresses environmental policy from an interesting standpoint on the Environmental and Urban Economics blog.

Poverty and Homelessness

We seem to be less focused on poverty and homelessness right now, but there are still public policy bloggers out there looking to raise awareness and encourage public participation in issues related to poverty and homelessness.

  1. End Homelessness: Bloggers at offer a look at homeless policy at End Homelessness.
  2. Defeat Poverty: The blogger at Defeat Poverty is dedicated to spreading the word about poverty and trying to defeat it.
  3. Kathryn Baer: This policy researcher writes Poverty & Policy, a look at the politics of poverty. She also writes at
  4. Picture the Homeless Blog: Bloggers at the Picture the Homeless Blog focus on public policy issues related to homelessness.
  5. The Global Poverty Project: Learn more about public policy and global poverty from the writers at the Global Poverty Project.


The way our children are educated is a topic of major discussion in public policy circles. Learn more about education, and the issues surrounding home schooling, charter schools and the next steps in public education.

  1. Andrew Rotherham: If you are looking for great information on education public policy, Andrew Rotherham’s Eduwonk is a great place to start.
  2. Get Schooled: Learn more about education policy and more with the bloggers at Get Schooled.
  3. Corey Bunje Bower: Thoughts on Education Policy is a great blog written by someone who has taught in the Bronx.
  4. AEI Education Policy: The American Enterprise Institute offers an Education Policy blog.
  5. NEA Today: The National Education Association shares news and information on its policy blog.
  6. Eliza Krigman: The National Journal offers expert blogs, and Eliza Krigman is the policy expert for Education.

Food and Drug

Food policy and drug policy are related to each other, especially when it comes to commentary on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read what others are saying about how the government protects us from these threats.

  1. Mark Senak: As the blogger behind Eye on FDA, Mark Senak offers insight into food and drug public policy.
  2. Howard Brody: Interested in pharma and public policy? Howard Brody’s Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma is a great read.
  3. Parke Wilde: The blog U.S. Food Policy is written by a professor at Tufts.
  4. PharmaGossip: The blogger at PharmaGossip offers inside information on the pharmaceutical industry, and the public policy news.
  5. The United States Agriculture & Food Law and Policy Blog: A look at ag and food policy from some great writers at the American Agricultural Law Association.
  6. Civil Eats: The bloggers at Civil Eats share commentary on sustainable and responsible food policy.
  7. Pete Guither: Pete, the blogger behind Drug WarRant looks at drugs and public policy.
  8. Center for a Livable Future: A variety of blog contributors for the Center for a Livable Future offer commentary on food policy.

Health Care

Lately, health care has gotten a lot of attention. There are a number of public policy wonks interested in health care, and where we should go in the coming decade. Learn more about the health care debate from these bloggers.

  1. The Health Care Blog: Written by a variety of bloggers, The Health Care Blog offers a good look at health policy.
  2. John Goodman: The blogger behind the Health Policy Blog offers commentary on efforts to change health public policy.
  3. Health Affairs Blog: Contributors to the Health Affairs Blog provide information on health care policy.
  4. Gary Schwitzer: This blogger writes Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview Blog and offers commentary on the health policy news of the day.
  5. Health Policy Blog: Bloggers at the Mayo Clinic offers insights on health policy.
  6. Michael Miller: This doctor blogs at Health Policy and Communications Blog.
  7. Health Care Renewal: Several contributors help make Health Care Renewal a great blog about public policy and health care.
  8. Katharine Van Tassel: This law professor offers insight into health law and policy on the HealthLawProf Blog.


Perhaps the issue seen most, though, is the economy. Monetary policy and our economic system have been topics of constant conversation for nearly two years, since the global financial crisis of 2008. Find out more about the different economic policy views.

  1. Roubini Global Economics: The bloggers at this site, including the renownedNouriel Roubini, offer insight into economic public policy.
  2. Ezra Klein: This well-known Washington Post blogger keeps you updated on economic policy.
  3. Paul Krugman: The Nobel Prize winning economist blogs at The New York Times blog The Conscience of a Liberal.
  4. Ludwig von Mises Institute: A number of knowledgeable bloggers share insights and history on economic policy from the Mises Institute.
  5. Keith Hennessey: Looking for information on American economic policy? Keith Hennessey’s blog is a great place to start.
  6. International Economic Law and Policy Blog: Various contributors offer thoughts on international economic public policy.
  7. Bob McTeer: Read Bob McTeer’s blog for more on economic policy and tax policy.
  8. Jim Libby: With a solid grasp of public policy, Jim Libby’s Economic Policy Blog offers insights and commentary.

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