My weekly reading: E-Parliament Transformation

Parliaments in the Digital Age:
World e-Parliament Report 2016:
Modernization of the Standing Orders of the House of Commons:
The E-Parliament presents new opportunities for more effective oversight and accountability in the Digital Era.

The performance of parliaments – the bridge between Citizens and Government – is a key indicator of the health of a country’s governance framework.

The E-parliament transformation aims to reinforce the integral oversight function of Parliament and its position as a key institution in the overall accountability chain.

Furthermore, E-parliament helps to implement, consolidate and further deepen economic governance reforms that focus on improving government accountability, by:

  • Strengthening legislative oversight capacity in key oversight functions,
  • The implementation of key innovative reforms such as performance based budgeting and public petitions
  • The design and implementation of key institutional reforms such as an e-Petitions platform in Parliament and the establishment of a parliamentary petitions system.

E-parliament innovation can contribute to enhance some mechanisms for public engagement:

  • Open parliament in the area of public access to information
  • Strengthening avenues for public engagement;
  • Knowledge development and dissemination of the value and impact of ongoing reforms among citizens and civil society.

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